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Delivery Policy

1. Delivery Policy

For all orders Mills & Boon Bookclub delivers free of charge within South Africa, door-to-door, depending on where you’re located. You may also opt to collect your order from the following address (provided you supply valid identification): ParcelNinja, 49 Galaxy Avenue, Linbro Office Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

During the checkout process, Mills & Boon Bookclub will determine your delivery options based on your delivery address and postal code. Mills & Boon Bookclub will deliver within 6 working days depending on where you are located.

2. Stock shortages

Every effort will be made to ensure that Mills & Boon Bookclub can fulfil your entire order once a purchasing contract (“sale”) comes into effect. However, if when packing your order, Mills & Boon Bookclub is unable to fulfil certain product(s) in your order:

2.1 Mills & Boon Bookclub will notify you thereof by emailing you and by allocating store credit to your Mills & Boon Bookclub account to the value of the Rands paid for the product(s) that could not be sent to you. Should you wish to be refunded for the products that could not be sent to you please reply to the email received, in order to inform us that you wish to have your store credit converted into a refund. Your requested refund will be to your credit card should you have paid by credit card and into your bank account should you have paid by EFT. Kindly include your banking details in the email, should you be requesting an EFT refund.
2.2 and you used a promotional/ discount coupon against all or part of the product(s) that cannot be fulfilled, Mills & Boon Bookclub will not allocate the value of the discount/ coupon as store credit. Please refer to the specific coupon terms and conditions for more information on whether the voucher will be reinstated and, if relevant, how the reinstated voucher will be sent to you.
2.3 and Mills & Boon Bookclub does not notify you thereof via email beforehand, and you only become aware of the fact that the product(s) is/are missing once you receive your parcel, please contact Mills & Boon Bookclub as soon as possible by calling 011 601 8000 or emailing to notify Mills & Boon Bookclub thereof so that we can resolve the situation as quickly as possible. If contacting Mills & Boon Bookclub via email regarding missing the product(s), please use your order number and the phrase “missing product(s)” in your subject line of your email.

3. Returning incorrect product(s)

As specified in our T&Cs, Mills & Boon Bookclub will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the product information, availability, purchase price and associated delivery times and fees are accurately reflected on the site.

However, should Mills & Boon Bookclub deliver the incorrect product(s) to you by mistake please do not remove the product from its original packaging or any documentation. Please contact Mills & Boon Bookclub by calling 011 601 8000 or emailing (subject line: your order number – Incorrect Item) as soon as possible. Mills & Boon Bookclub will resolve the error by arranging to collect the incorrect product(s) from you and to deliver the correct product(s) to you as quickly as possible.

Please do not try and remedy the situation by placing another order for the exact same product you were trying to purchase.

4. Returning defective product(s)

4.1. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase due to a defect, you may return it to Mills & Boon Bookclub within 30 days of delivery, by the same shipping method which the parcel was received.
4.2. In the case of a damaged or incorrect item having been delivered, Mills & Boon Bookclub will evaluate each case and issue a refund upon proof of the damaged/incorrect item, or you can select to have the product replaced, depending on the situation.

5. Return procedure to be followed

In the event of Mills & Boon Bookclub having sent you an incorrect product, please follow the procedure as outlined in Section 4 of this Delivery and Returns Policy (Returning incorrect product(s)).

Should you wish to return an item that is defective, please follow the procedure as outlined in Section 5 of this Delivery and Returns Policy (Returning defective product(s)).

6. Processing of credits and refunds

Should you be entitled to a refund for any reason, such refund shall either be affected on the credit card used to purchase the product, or be deposited into the bank account used in the Electronic Funds Transfer, within 10 business days of the returned item having been cleared by Mills & Boon Bookclub quality checking.

Where your Mills & Boon Bookclub account has been credited, you will be entitled to use such credit towards other purchases made by you on the site. Do take note, however, that you cannot request that refund the credit on your profile in the form of cash once you opted for the credit option.

If you want to return an item that you paid the full amount for but is now on sale, we will only pay the full amount as credit on your profile and not in the form of cash in your account. If you want a payback, the amount of the reduced price will be paid back.

If you redeemed a coupon against your purchase, and wish to return the product from that purchase, the rand value paid for the product being returned will either be refunded or credited to your account as per your request. The value of the coupon that was redeemed will not be refunded to you, or credited to your account. Please refer to the specific coupon’s terms and conditions to understand whether the coupon will be reinstated and the relevant terms that will be applied.

7. Fraud Prevention

Mills & Boon Bookclub reserves the right to refuse, in the interest of fraud prevention, processing any payment for any order, and/or to cancel any purchase partially or completely, with notice given to you. Mills & Boon Bookclub will be responsible for returning funds for the cancelled portion of the order to you only if you have already paid such funds.